28 Jun 2012

Access Denied on the Amazon MWS Scratchpad

Annoying! I was getting an Access Denied error when sending through requests on the Amazon MWS Scratchpad. I checked and rechecked I was sending through the correct Access Key, Secret Key, Marketplace ID etc.

Turns out I was on the wrong site! My Marketplace was in the UK so I have to use





  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    do you happen to know if you are a seller, and a developer yourself, do you need to authorize yourself in order to use mws?

  2. Thanks James. I am begining to dip my toes into the world of the Amazon API and this stumped me for a few minutes until Mr Google led me here. Little thing - big help! Thanks.

  3. Anonymous3:31 pm

    Thx! :)

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    The upside is ... you just saved me a lot of time. I made the same mistake. Thank you very much!

  5. its not working with https://mws.amazonservices.in/scratchpad/index.html (india) .
    this is i getting from mws scratchpad

    ErrorResponse xmlns="https://mws.amazonservices.com/Orders/2013-09-01"
    Type Sender Type
    AccessDenied Code
    Message: Access to Orders.ListOrders is denied


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