18 Oct 2010

Sharepoint 2010 Page Properties - Push Changes To Sites and Lists

I'm a bit confused, and it's no wonder. I'm trying to add a custom metadata field to the Page Properties of all the Article Pages on my Publishing Site, and all its subsites. However, when I made the change by creating a Site Column in Sharepoint 2010 Designer, and adding it to the Article Page Content Type column list, the column did not turn up on my subsite pages.

Then I noticed that when editing Content Type columns, there's a button in the ribbon marked "Push Changes to Sites and Lists". I can't find any documentation as to how this button works, or even if it is a button at all, as clicking it seems to make it glow yellow, as if it's a status indicator. Even spookier, at this moment a Google search for "Push Changes to Sites and Lists" comes up with ZERO results!

So, let's open this up for discussion! What is this button for? I *think* it has to be enabled (i.e. glowing yellow) when I make a column change, but BEFORE I press Save, in order for any lists or subsites using the Content Type to register the change.


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Actually, google comes up with 1 result, and that is this page!

  2. This is crap my Microsoft. I can't get my subsite to reflect the changes I made to the content type in the root site!!! If I have 20 subsites using this content type do they expect me to re-do all my changes in the subsites rather than having one content type in the top level site?!!!!

  3. faced the same issue,

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