28 Oct 2010

SharePoint 2010 Static Web Part to read Page Properties

• Create a new page property by creating a new Site Column
• Edit the Page content type and add the new Site column
• Now all pages will have the new property to edit
• Create your web part to read the Page Property, like

if (SPContext.Current.Fields.ContainsField("Your Page Property Name") && SPContext.Current.Item["Your Page Property Name"] != null)
myString = SPContext.Current.Item["Your Page Property Name"].ToString();
catch { }

• Install and Deploy the web part on the server
• Find the public key token of your part by looking it up under c:\windows\assemblies
• Register the web part as static in your masterpage or page layout:

<%@ Register Tagprefix="Applicable" Namespace="ApplicableWebPartLib.TwitterBlock" Assembly="ApplicableWebPartLib, version=,Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=2ee629bf628499ee" %>

• Use the web part on your page layout or master page:

<Applicable:TwitterBlock runat="server"></Applicable:TwitterBlock>


  1. This is an old post, but it looks like it addresses exactly what I need. I added a column to my page's content type, set it via properties and am now trying to access it from a custom webpart...

    Is making the webpart static a key part of this? I'm adding the webpart to a richhtml zone and am not making it static. When executing my webpart code, the field cannot be found even though you can see and set it in page properties.

    So I wonder if the webpart must be static for the properties to be available to C# or is there something else I'm doing wrong.


  2. Sorry Russ, I haven't got an SP2010 instance around here to test with, but I don't think the webpart *had* to be static, it's just that's what I wanted in this case. Sorry I can't help you further. Could it be a permissions / publishing issue?

  3. Wow, quick response!

    Seems odd that it'd be a permissions/publishing issue, but those cover so many reasons why things don't behave that it could be. I'll look down that path.



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