20 Jun 2006

Motorbike / Motorcycle Training

So for some reason I decide I wanted to learn to ride a bike! A proper 500cc bike that is, so I booked a course with West Pennine Motorcycle Training in Blackburn, UK. I got 4 days of tuition and then did the test on the morning of the 5th day. I passed, yay! It wasn't easy but it was pretty amazing seeing as I never rode on a bike before.

Big thanks to Alan and Kevin from the course. And if anyone is considering the residential course, can I just warn you that the St Albans Guest House (the one they book you into) is like something out of a George Orwell novel.

Right I'm off to buy a bike :)

Visual Studio Solution Statistics

Usysware's DPACK is cool and amongst other things, can tell you how many lines of code you've written in your giant .NET projects :)
If I helped you out today, you can buy me a beer below. Cheers!