18 Feb 2011

Free Reflector Alternative

RedGate! Bah, and humbug. Their DB products have often come in useful for me, but they are also pretty slow and I can't help thinking that they could be a lot better. But now they've riled me! Raaargh!

Reflector's forced-update feature was a bit annoying even back in the days of Lutz Roeder, but at least there was a fair idea behind it - to ensure everyone had the latest and greatest free version. Now they've revealed that the forced update from the free V6 version is going to install the paid-for V7 version with an evaluation period before lock-down.

Well, this sucks. Why can't they release a final free V6 version with no forced update? Oh yeah, $$$.

Good job SharpDevelop have released their own free alternative to Reflector. I've had a play and even in Beta it does everything I need. So wooyay to them!
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