28 Jun 2010

Sql Server Agent Copy File To remote server on LAN

A little batch file that worked for me, to copy a file from one windows server to another on the same LAN.

NET USE Z: \\nearbyserver\c$ /u:nearbyserver\myuser mypasswd
XCOPY c:\my.csv z:\ /Y

14 Jun 2010

O2 Mobile Broadband Dongle Connection Manager Woe

O2 sucks with my Huawei E160 yada yada. The O2 Connection Manager software just would not connect this morning, with a "Failed To Connect" and "Check your network coverage and user profile" error.

This may be cargo cultish but the solution I found was to:

- Uninstall O2 Connection Manager
- Delete the Cellular Profile from Control Manager / Network Connections
- Restart the machine
- Reinstall O2 Connection Manager by plugging in the dongle
- MOST IMPORTANTLY: Run this patch

Only then did it work again.
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