26 Nov 2010

Simple Jquery Lightbox

Wrote some code that I didn't end up using, but it's a shame to bin it :)

Simple lightbox using Jquery UI dialog widget:

function LightBox(imgSrc, imgTitle)
var img = $('<img />');
img.attr('src', imgSrc);
var lightBox = $('<div></div>');
lightBox.dialog({ autoOpen: false, height: img.height() + 50, width: img.width() + 50, modal: true, title : imgTitle });

12 Nov 2010

Duffs Lodge

We stayed at Duff's Lodge, Beaufort Estate nr. Beauly, Inverness-shire. Nice.

Would just like to say that the Priory Hotel in Beauly makes the worst sunday roast in the known world.

On the plus side, food and drink at The Cawdor Tavern is bloody lovely.

Apart from that, the road to Skye from Inverness is gobsmacking, and Glen Affric is beautiful.

That is all! Back to the C# shenanigans.

Beef Stew

Man make Stew! Stew good. Stew good for 3 people easy.

400g Beef cubes.
6 Mushrooms
4 Potatoes
1 Leek
1 Onion
3 Large carrots
600ml Beef Stock

Simmer tatties, leek and carrots for 15 mins.
Meanwhile, fry onion, beef and mushrooms for 10 mins.
Add stock to beef pan, then add the veggies.
Simmer the lot for 45 mins.

Nyom! Simmer longer and slower for added nyom.
If I helped you out today, you can buy me a beer below. Cheers!