23 Jan 2005

Baby baby

For Zootfans who don't know, the Welsh One and I sprogged forth on the 23rd Nov 2004 with our little noob, Joshua. Photies? U got 'em: http://zfi.org.uk/photos

Now that I have 2 months parenting under my belt I feel wise enough to vent forth....

Nappies (a.k.a diapers in the colonies)

You get what you pay for. We have tried Morrisons own-brand, Pampers and Huggies - all for newborns. The supermarket ones leaked right through the material, so boo to them! The Pampers didn't have much room in them for poo collection, leading to spectacular results. Therefore Huggies win for now, with their capacious load compartment and wide non-sticky tabs. I'm still keeping my eye on Pampers for the next level up cos they do seem to have nice stretchy sides.


As a bloke I naturally couldn't belive the amount of crap we had to buy. The decisions we had to make rocked me to my core. Like "Microwave vs Electric" for the choice of sterilizer system. Note that we discounted Cold-Sterilization as we are clearly not Communists.

In the end we went for the nice n' cheap Tommy Tippee microwave sterlizer and I stand by the decision. A counter-top electric sterilizer would just be one more thing in my kitchen that needs dusting, whereas the microwave one can live in the microwave when not in use, and is also more portable. Go microwave!

Dummys (a.k.a pacifiers or soothers)

They are all rubbish! Why won't our little chap take to them? Aaargh. He is perfectly happy to suck my finger all day long, so why won't some entrepreneur come and make a latex mould of my finger and cheer us all up bigstylee?

T.E.N.S Machines

These are the power-abs type thingies that you can hire to help with pain relief during the birth itself. The Welsh One hired one and it worked fine for her. Go for it. You'll still need an epidural though I promise you! Muahaha...


What is it with all the teddybears everyone is buying for the Noob? People, he has 13 million cuddly toys in his bedroom now; there isn't enough room for him to sleep any more! For the love of Bod save your effort and send the cash direct to me!

Pushchairs. Travel systems etc.

We bought a bloody massive Mamas and Papas (Peg Perego) Venezia travel system and although the Welsh One likes it for moogling around our estate I have to say it is a right pain in the bum to cart around the shops. For a vastly easier time I recommend you get a baby-carrier (sling thing) which instantly makes you look like a trendy dad and receive red hot girly action!

If you do get a sling, the Baby Bjorn one is a good design. The Tomy ones are crapola. One more thing - we bought both our Pushchair and Sling 2nd hand off eBay and don't regret it for a moment.

Muslin Squares

What the hell is Muslin? Why do I personally need to know about it? Buddy, you will. Buy a shedload of it. It's da bomb. In fact I have decided to become a Muslin cleric.

Hmmf. Sorry.

Moses basket

I thought this was a trendy frippery. I was wrong, you need one of these for the little blighter to sleep in for the first 2-3 months. Much more convenient to have in yer bedroom than a....

Travel Cot (crib)

We bought a Graco Electra mega deluxe travel cot thingy with vibration, sound, lights, a bassinet and a bloody kitchen sink thrown in. Packed up the damn thing weighs more than my car! Darling audience I pray thee don't bother about getting one of these straight away. Samsonite now do a pop-up crib thing, I think it looks ace: http://www.kiddicare.com/invt/tcssambubbd

Okay that's enough spoutage from me on this subject for now!

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