12 Mar 2009

Embed images in your web DLLs

You can embed all sorts of stuff into an assembly - javascript, css, pdf etc. Here I quickly detail how to embed an image file.

1. You have a solution with a web project and a separate class project
2. In Visual Studio, drag the image you want to embed into your class project
3. In the Properties window of the Image, select Build Action: Embedded Resource
4. Add a new class to the project, call it EmbeddedResources.cs for the sake of argument. Put the following code in it:

[assembly: WebResource("YourProjectAssemblyNamespace.YourPic.jpg", "image/jpeg")]

namespace YourProjectAssemblyNamespace
public class EmbeddedResources

5. Reference the image from your web project like so:

<img src="<%= Page.ClientScript.GetWebResourceUrl(typeof(YourProjectAssemblyNamespace.EmbeddedResources), "YourProjectAssemblyNamespace.YourPic.jpg") %>" />


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