3 Jan 2010

Addictive Drums + Reaper + Roland TD3 VDrums + MIDI UM-1G USB

Maybe you're a daft sod like me that doesn't read the instructions, but I had a few hurdles setting up this combo. So here's some tips.

1. Attach the UM-1G unit MIDI OUT cable to the MIDI OUT socket on the TD-3.
2. Install the UM-1G drivers in Windows and then attach the UM-1G USB cable.
3. Download ASIO4ALL v2 and install.
4. Install Addictive Drums.
5. Fire up Reaper.
6. In Preferences > Audio > MIDI Devices, Enable the UM-1G.
7. In Preferences > Audio > Device, Select Audio System : ASIO and choose Asio4All as the Driver.
8. Create a new track and arm it. Turn record monitoring on. Select MIDI > UM-1G > All Channels as the Input source. Enter FX, add the Addictive Drums VSTi.

At this point you should be getting sound out of your drums.

If you can't find the Addictive Drums instrument, maybe you should locate the vst file and place in the Reaper VST path?

If the MIDI map is wrong for your kit, go into the AD VST and click the "?" button - open the Map Window. Under Map Preset, choose Roland > TD-3. You can do further custom mapping by creating a Reaper JS file in the Program Files / Reaper / Effects folder. I found a couple of useful ready-made ones here.

I now realise that ASIO4ALL grabs the sound device and stops other apps like Windows Media Player from using it - annoying when you want to jam. I don't know a way round it, can anyone shed some light? At the moment it's okay cos I've hooked up my GuitarPort and am using it's ASIO driver instead of ASIO4ALL.

Comments / Questions appreciated!

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  1. Thank You! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for giving me back several hours of my life.


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