9 Nov 2011

Rockalldll.dll missing / not found error - Rockall Heap Manager on Windows 7

This week's mystery was a recurring error message in Windows 7 about a missing DLL - RockallDll.dll.

It sounded dodgy, and a quick google returned about a million nasty DLL sites purporting to offer a nice shiny replacement DLL, no doubt festooned with viruses and trojans.

So I didn't do that. I had to do some pretty deep searching to find out that this DLL was originally installed as part of Hermann Schinagl's Link Shell Extension that I installed ages ago. For some reason I had installed it on my E drive. Well, I don't know why it had stopped working, but I uninstalled it, downloaded the latest version and installed it on C drive instead.

Problem solved, woohoo. And I do recommend LSE as a quick way of creating symbolic links in Windows.

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