27 Jan 2012

VAG-COM / VCDS in Yorkshire for Audi A4 B7 Cabriolet

I wanted to change some settings on my A4 Cabriolet. The settings were:
  • Turn off selective locking (fob click only opens driver's door)
  • Turn off speed locking  (auto locking after 10mph)
  • Turn off seatbelt warning (module 17 penultimate code flip digit to 0) 
  • Enable telephone voice control (Electronics 2 - module 77 penultimate code flip digit from 0->2)  
To do this you need special software and a cable to the diagnostic port. The official VAS kit is crazy expensive, but the Ross-Tech VAG-COM/VCDS kit is £250. Still too much for me. I knew *what* to do from my research on the Audi forums, but I didn't have the kit.

So after an hour of waiting at Harrogate Audi in their swanky coffee area, they finally told me they had been unable to make the changes, and couldn't spare any more time looking at it. They also said not to believe everything you read on the Internet.


Well, just wanted to say that a good chap called Chris Dodgson from Auto Diagnostic Services drove his van round to my office today, plugged in his VCDS laptop and sorted all the changes in about 10 minutes.

It goes to show that Harrogate Audi is just a showroom, and their service department doesn't know how to do simple electronic changes on Audis. What a ridiculous situation.

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