23 Nov 2012

HP 2311x Monitor - Blurry / Fuzzy on HDMI from AMD radeon HD 7570

Quick one - hooked this 2nd monitor up to my new desktop on the HDMI port of the AMD Radeon HD 7570. The picture was very blurry. It took a while to find the right setting in Windows 7, which was:

  • Right click on desktop, go to Catalyst Control Center
  • Desktop and Displays > My Digital Flat-panels > Scaling Options
  • Turn Scaling down to 0%
  • Return to My Digital Flat-panels
  • Select Properties
  • Click Enable GPU Scaling
Done! What a crappy default!


  1. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Thanks for this! I also changed the pixel format to RGB 4:4:4 Pixel Format PC Standard (Full RGB) and it looks just a little better still.

  2. If you have any other probs, try the TV settings.


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