8 Jan 2006

Outlook 2000 Send/Receive Error "Operation Failed"

Bah, second time I've had to fix my crappy Outlook 2000. Works fine for a while then some day I'll press "Send / Receive" and it'll just come back with "The Operation Failed". Thanks a bunch Microsoft!

So I did a bunch of googling but the best solution I could find is just to create a new mail profile (in Control Panel > Mail), fill in all the bleedin' POP3 account details again and then add my old PST file with all my mail in it. You do that in Outlook - Tools > Options > Mail Setup > Data Files > Add. Then you have to set the old PST file as your default delivery location: Tools > Email Accounts > View / Change Existing Email Accounts > Deliver New Mail To The Following Location.

Only then can you delete the new PST file, smoke a doobie and pretend none of this crap ever happened. As ZZ Top said - "have you heard... what's the word??? It's Thunderbird".

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