18 Jan 2006

W800i MP3 file problem

Hello zootfans. I've got a new mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson W800i, to replace my old SPV C500 (what a piece of crap that turned out to be!!).

The new phone seems pretty good so far. Just wanted to share with you something I've observed with it when trying to copy files to it via USB from Windows 2000.

Basically, don't try to access the MP3 tracks on the phone while the cable is connected to the pooter. Otherwise weird stuff happens, like tracks going missing. Here's how I transfer without problems:

1. Connect phone to computer via USB.
2. Copy tracks to phone either using Disc2Phone or Windows Explorer (the latter is quicker I reckon)
3. Use "Unplug or Eject Hardware" in the Windows taskbar to safely drop the connection.
4. Remove the USB cable from the phone.

I'm guessing step 3 won't be required on XP, but haven't tested it yet.

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