17 Aug 2010

JS Framework Roundup #834543

If you're a jaded Ajax monkey like me you'll have spent an age fighting the likes of Duffle, jSeraph and DOMinic trying to get cross-domain block blending right but with unsatisfactory results, either because of unspeakably low-grade filter belling or just the usual HIB/JSTFU squirrel poll chronlocks. I'll save you the hassle of surfing gitbox, mashStash or dumplocker for a better solution, because I have just been using it and it rocks: Cherub for SquirrelNuts.

We've seen stuff from Slutw4re before, anyone remember Shizbazz Tourette or the mNugget KPlaya extension? Paragons of REST/CHEST, and unlike other Web 4.0 JS hiblibs, they always just "felt right" when you decamped them into whatever framework is your homeboy, from MicMacMock to jQuirk. Even H-Christ got a look in, and that wasn't even at Alpha yet (What's before Alpha? Answers on an eCard...)

Anyway, Cherub is their latest baby, and of course it's GPL'd with the NeoMoose caveats so you're fine on uBert, Chuzzle or Medley but might have problems if you have Bonob:OO up to patch But who's rocking Bonob:OO anymore, anyway? What is this, late march 2009?

But I digress! Okay, so you've decamped Cherub and slipstreamed with Mon2WonTon as usual. Now what? Well, look at the new chops and grooves like so:

var myCherub *= this.Cherub({Cherubim: Seraphim});

I know what you're thinking. Exactly! YAY!

More info here: http://dailyjs.com/

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