29 Aug 2010

The Girl Who Wrote A Shopping List

It was raining as Mikael Blomkvist took the first stop off the tunnelbana at Likstoerp and visited the late-night AftonMarket. He bought pickled herring, appelsaúce, two pakkenpanes of wholegrain bread, a strudel, some milk, Sverigen cheese, a packet of raisins, three pepparsausage Billy Pan pizzas, a sponge, some shoelaces, a coathanger, some poptarts, a tube of Sensodyne Pro-Enamel toothpaste, a new washbag and a carton of Thor-brand extra strong condoms.

He paid by American Express, and then walked into the Apple Store opposite where he treated himself to a new Apple MacBook Pro with 4Gb ram, a 3Ghz Intel processor, Nvidia graphics card, a 250Gb solid state disk drive and a WUXGA OLED screen with a 60Hz refresh rate. He also bought an extended warranty, an offical Apple MacPack storage case and some 2Gb SanDisk USB memory sticks.

Then he went home, shagged someone else's wife and solved the murder.

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