10 Sept 2010

CampTune vs WinClone for BootCamp Partition Resize

Hello! I have a Mac Mini with Snow Leopard and Windows 7 running from the same drive via BootCamp. I made a 32Gb windows partition originally, planning to keep all my big windows files on a separate drive. Sadly, 32Gb is still not enough for the windows C drive when you factor in the pagefile, windows update / install files etc.

Therefore, I had to increase the size of the Windows partition without losing either the Mac or the Windows installation. 2 solutions were considered, WinClone and CampTune.

To cut to the chase, WinClone didn't work, as it's been abandoned for a while around Leopard time. I tried it, but the initial backup failed with errors, which gave me the willies. So I shelled out 13 quid for CampTune, which burns a boot CD from which you perform the partition resizing.

It worked like a champ, taking about 20 minutes to do it's thang, leaving both Mac OSX and Windows running just like before, only now with 200Gb for my Win C drive :)

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