29 Oct 2006

Fog Gone!

So the other night I rode my bike down the A64 to my friend's house, and it was v. dark, and lo - my visor foggeth up and I could not see a bleedin' thing.

So I thought that was the end of my winter bike fun. However, turns out that my X-Lite X601 helmet features a Pinlock-compatible system. Basically this means you can buy an 'insert' which looks just like a cheap bit of perspex which fits inside the visor, and is held in place by two pins. So I did - those fine (but morose) chaps at Hein Gericke York had one in stock for 18 quid. Had a big ride around the Dales today and NO FOG AT ALL. Heaven knows I tried - deep breaths into the helmet - the visor surrounding the insert fogged up a treat, but the insert remained clear as day.

Amazing stuff, I order you to buy one immediately.

Now all I need is a new seat for my CBR, my bum is killing me now ;)

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