12 Oct 2006


Here's the news, news shrews.


I bought a 1999 Honda CBR600F FX in Black n' Silver n' Yeller. And it's pretty good. Scary fast. Makes a hell of a lot of clattery noises but apparently that's normal. Always starts first time. Wish it had a clock though, I never know what time it is!

House Move

I done moved to Tadcaster near York. It's RUBBISH. Be moving again soon!

Wharfedale 21" CRT Television CTV2185RF

Was Crap, took it back.

Wharfedale Freeview Receiver DV832B

Was Good, kept it!

X-Arcade Trackball

Good at what it does - but expensive and was totally bored of it after one evening! So I told her to sling her hook and spent the next night playing Marble Madness on this instead, coolio!


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