25 Oct 2006

Some Product Reviews

Thought I'd take a second to give some mad props to various software products I've been using recently.

First off, thanks to Innovasys for their nifty DocumentX and HelpStudio2 applications. These have allowed me to write professional-quality .NET 2.0 documentation for NetBuild CMS. DocumentX automagically collates all the XML comments that I've put in my code via VisualStudio and includes them with full Class and Member reference documentation. HelpStudio2 then integrates with my DocumentX project and allows me to write nice looking HTML help and tutorials. It has good built-in tools for screenshots - I especially like the User Interface Mapping tool which quickly lets me add bullets to screenshots for easy reference in my help text. Then I can create the documentation in plain HTML, CHM and PDF. Saved loads of time. I also got good phone support when I had a problem.

The other product I have been impressed with is XHEO Licensing 2.1 which has very quickly allowed me to add flexible licensing options to the NetBuild Suite products. You just need to point the License Manager at your .NET project and it does its stuff. Recompile your Assembly and it's ready to rock. Then you can issue licenses with a range of 'limits' like "Only allow to run from the following Domain Name(s)". Hats off to these guys.

Right, back to the NetBuild CMS v8.5 code face.....

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